Gerald Shtull & Associates, the largest brokerage firm in Canada specialized in credit insurance, offers your company cash flow protection, asset security, and risk management.

Since 1994, our experienced team has worked cooperatively with more than a dozen insurance companies and factors in North America and overseas to customize policies to meet our clients’ specific needs. Through negotiations with insurers, Gerald Shtull & Associates will tailor a program that eliminates unacceptable risk, while serving your company’s interests. Our large portfolio of clients is made up of companies from industries of all sizes. Whether you are a manufacturer or wholesaler, generating revenues of less than one million or more than one billion, your company will receive a personalized policy offering you the most overall value.

Our Mission

Gerald Shtull & Associates is dedicated to providing expert service with unwavering professional care; prioritizing the protection of our clients’ accounts receivables and the future growth and prosperity of their business.