What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance is protection from a buyer’s financial inability to meet their trade receivable obligations due to :


Credit Insurance a Financial Tool?

  • Asset Security – secures the value of your largest asset, accounts receivable
  • Cash Flow Protection – stabilizes cash flow in the event of an unforeseen credit loss
  • Political Risk Protection – protects against political risk in 160 countries
  • Risk Management – a tool for financial executives to hedge commercial and political risks beyond their control

Policy Benefits

Improve Your Position with Lenders

Credit insurance collateralizes AR, allowing lenders to improve margining and/or conditions

Protect Cash Flow/Equity

Credit insurance guarantees you will be paid for products delivered or services rendered. A major disruption of cash flow can cripple an otherwise successful business

Grow with Confidence

Many companies restrict their growth due to self-imposed credit limits but knowing your AR is insured can allow more lenient payment terms or larger order sizes. Many companies are hesitant to expand into new markets due to unfamiliarity with unknown buyers. They might demand letters of credit, deposits, or prepayment when dealing with foreign buyers. Companies who demand fewer restrictions have the competitive advantage. With credit insurance, you can access that edge.

A Business Credit Insurance Policy Brokered by GSA Offers You:

  • Case-by-case customization
  • Broad range of coverage options
  • Protection from default by domestic and foreign companies
  • Protection against insolvency and bankruptcy situations
  • Collection services in North America and overseas

The Benefits of Gerald Shtull & Associates Customized Expertise

  • Identify potentially threatening credit and political risk
  • Determine risk factors and probabilities
  • Determine acceptable levels of risk retention
  • Develop strategies for risk avoidance
  • Structure a program that transfers unacceptable risk to an insurer
  • Negotiate with the insurers for the arrangement of an appropriate credit and political risk insurance program
  • Our size, reputation,
    and expertise
  • =
  • Better Pricing and
    Policy Conditions
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  • Better

Dedicated Support Team

Every GSA policy is assigned to an individual Customer Service Representative (CSR). The CSR is available throughout the policy term to facilitate understanding of the policy endorsements, coverage issues, or any questions or concerns that might arise.

The CSR is available for consultation throughout all stages of claim filing and indemnification.

There is no additional cost for our services – we work for the policy holder, but are compensated by the insurer.

Collection Services

GSA will help you through every part of your claims process – including collections. Once you are ready to file a claim, you will automatically go through a collections process. Gerald Shtull & Associates works with several of the world’s largest insurance providers and their collection departments, as well as professional credit associations who help us to recover your loss before you have to complete a claim.