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Welcome to the largest specialist credit insurance brokerage firm in Canada.

Welcome to the largest specialist credit insurance brokerage firm in Canada.

About Us

Gerald Shtull & Associates, the largest brokerage firm in Canada specializing in credit insurance, offers your company cash flow protection, asset security, and risk management.

Since 1994, our experienced team has worked cooperatively with more than a dozen insurance companies and factors in North America and overseas to customize policies to meet our client’s specific needs. Through negotiations with insurers, Gerald Shtull & Associates will tailor a program that eliminates unacceptable risks while serving your company’s interests.

Our extensive portfolio of clients comprises companies of all sizes from various industries. Whether you are a manufacturer or wholesaler, generating revenues of less than one million or more than one billion, your company will receive a personalized policy offering you the most overall value.

Our company’s head office is proudly located in Montreal, Quebec, with associates and service staff in Toronto and Ottawa. GSA Brokers is the top specialist credit insurance brokerage firm in Canada, specializing in high-risk coverage, including PUT agreements.

Corporate Governance

Our Code of Conduct sets out the principles and expectations that are expected from our employees and representatives. They must always comply with the Code of Conduct when conducting business with our customers, suppliers and internally. Our employees must agree to consistently demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, good faith, and respect with every individual they interact with. We will not tolerate anything but the highest standards of professionalism.

At Gerald Shtull & Associates, we believe everyone has the right to work in a dignified, respectful and harassment/discrimination-free environment. Harassment and discrimination, in any form, will not be tolerated. In addition, we are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. As such, we embrace and encourage our employees’ differences in and characteristics that make our employees unique.

Facts & Figures

Our client portfolio comprises more than 450 policyholders and includes sales ranging from less than $1 Million to more than $3 Billion in annual turnover.

We operate a balanced portfolio of light and heavy manufacturing & distribution, telecommunications, logistics & customs brokerage, waste disposal, and financial services companies.

Each company we work with benefits from a personalized policy offering and a dedicated customer service representative.

Our mission and expertise

Gerald Shtull & Associates is dedicated to providing expert service with unwavering professional care, prioritizing the protection of our clients’ accounts receivables and the future growth and prosperity of their business.

What do we bring to the table?

  • Identify potentially threatening credit and political risk
  • Determine risk factors and probabilities
  • Determine acceptable levels of risk retention
  • Develop strategies for risk avoidance
  • Structure a program that transfers unacceptable risk to an insurer
  • Negotiate with the insurers for the arrangement of appropriate credit and political risk insurance program

Collection Services

GSA will help you through every part of your claims process – including collections. Once you are ready to file a claim, you will automatically go through a collections process. Gerald Shtull & Associates works with several of the world’s largest insurance providers, their collection departments, and professional credit associations that help us recover your loss before you have to complete a claim.